Author: Carl C. Curtis

Brexit and Trump – The Little Platoons Have Stopped Standing Still

There’s a grand history of political philosophy behind the wishes of the Brexit and Trump voters, something simple anger cannot explain. It’s a philosophy that Edmund Burke found in the “little platoons,” men and women in real communities who wish to live their lives dedicated to preserving a past inherited from their fathers as part of the future they hope to bequeath to their children.

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Donald Trump: The Lesser of Two What?

Disgrace and foolishness are Trump’s middle names; they stem from a defective soul and a dearth of identifiable principle. The lesser of two evils? Maybe, just barely. But evil is evil. As Christians, conservatives, and men of good will, we should never feel obliged or called to endorse it. Endure it, yes, when we must. Let’s do so with a clear conscience.

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