During the coming 2020 presidential campaign, pro-lifers will be accused of not caring about human life after the moment of birth. 

They will be accused, for example, of not caring about immigrants. Pro-life voters will be accused of not ‘welcoming the stranger.’

This accusation misses the obvious: To be concerned about life is to be concerned about everything. Pro-lifers understand that without existence itself there is nothing. It’s the gift of existence that creates everything.

The pro-abortion crowd is blind and deaf to the fact of existence much less grateful for existing.

How can anyone ‘welcome the stranger’ if there are no strangers to welcome? How can those persons who were aborted before birth ‘welcome the stranger’?

I don’t know a single pro-lifer who is a so-called ‘single-issue voter.’ Pro-lifers look upon human existence with gratitude, a gratitude that extends from birth to death and beyond.

The division between the pro-life vote and social justice voters is created by a lack of vision and compassion of the latter. Pro-lifers cannot embrace a cause whose purpose is so narrowly defined as to be actually cruel.

The social justice crowd, those who abhor pro-life politicians, would let Herod be Herod. How can any bishop or priest try putting a kind face on that?

In fact, it’s laughable that pro-abortion candidates like Mayor Peter Buttigieg would wrap himself in the mantle of ‘welcoming the stranger.’ Any child in the womb is a ‘stranger’ to everyone except the mother.

Mayor Pete like Joe Biden will ‘welcome the stranger’ as long as they are crossing our Southern border and not a mother’s birth canal.

From where did this pervasive Catholic perversity arise?

Catholic Democrats and some Republicans started embracing abortion as a cause fifty years ago. In 1966 the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) and its secular arm, the United States Catholic Conference (USCC) were established.

Since 1966, any bishop who wanted to challenge a pro-abortion politico was on his own. They were viewed as disloyal to the NCCB and the Democrat Party.

The story has been told time and time again. But nothing has changed. We have reached the point of utter revulsion.

As long as the bishops collectively ignore abortion while cheerleading for open borders, the more the Catholic laity will ignore them and regard them as spineless.