My all-time favorite Sci-Fi TV show which aired in the 1960’s and was more recently made into a Netflix series is “Lost In Space.”  This is the story of the futuristic Robinson family, a pioneering family of space colonists.  Because of a series of malfunctions and sabotage, their ship was thrown off course and their struggle to survive in the depths of space began.

My favorite character in the original series is an environmental control robot, endowed with superhuman strength and futuristic weaponry, which often displayed human emotions. This robot developed a special bond with Will Robinson, the youngest member of the family.  Whenever the robot detected anything that would threaten Will it would exclaim aloud, “WARNING, DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER, DANGER!

I am a father of five daughters and a grandfather of eleven children, and I have been around for over seven decades now, and I can honestly tell you that I have never seen anything like what is going on today.

And today, Father’s Day 2023 I stand before you and declare “WARNING, DANGER FATHERS, DANGER, DANGER.”

The number one duty of fathers is to protect – protect your wife, protect your children, protect your family, your home, your faith.  Your role model is St. Joseph who was chosen by God to protect the Holy Family, who was never forewarned of what was to come and never signed on for so great a role he would have to play.  Summoned in the middle of the night by an angel, a messenger of God, to get up, pack what you can and immediately take Mary and the infant Jesus to distant Egypt to avoid the rapidly approaching soldiers of Herod who was hell-bent on killing the newborn king.

Today fathers are face to face with a series of threats, threats to your wife, to your children, to your home,  to your faith and to yourself.

Your wife, the woman you fell in love with and married, the mother of your children, is being downgraded, demeaned and belittled.  So much so that the woke radical left cannot define what a woman is.  In fact, they are now lobbying to replace the very word “woman” with their made up word “non-man”.

A man with a complete set of genitals can declare that he now identifies as a woman giving him full access to the lady’s restroom.  A teenage boy can identify as female and march right into the girl’s locker room at school.  A college man can identify as a girl and compete against girls in athletic events  and is praised in the media and held in high esteem because he / she is so brave. 

Your children are no longer yours. Parents no longer have a say in their children’s education. Because parents are now considered domestic terrorists for objecting to the Teacher’s Union approved curriculum.  Which, incidentally, includes critical race theory and gender affirmation counseling, counseling provided to children as young as seven years.

There is now a bill before several state legislatures which if signed into law would make it a crime for a parent to refer to their child as “HE” or “SHE”.

And for what it’s worth the left’s bucket hit list also includes Christians, Catholics, and Jews. I fear there is much more to come.

We are living in very, very dangerous times.  

My danger warning is not political because these threats are against every member of society, every family, and every creed. 

We are at war against great evil which threatens the physical, mental and, spiritual survival of our society and everyone in it.

What I am warning you about here is just a small sampling of what is going on in our country and in fact, the whole world.  And I am not even scratching the surface.

For our society has been thrown off course and, like the Robinsons, we find ourselves lost struggling for survival in the vast space of evil.

And how should we fathers respond to these dangers?

Be vigilant, be seen, out-spoken, be heard, be active, remain firm, use your vote wisely and be confident in the fact that together we have substantial economic power by refraining from purchasing products manufactured by corporations which support woke agendas. Instead purchase the products of corporations which maintain and respect Judaeo-Christian principals upon which this nation was founded.

The recent conservative backlash to the Pride advertising campaigns by Anheuser-Busch, Kohl’s and Target resulted in a collective $28.7 BILLION dollar loss to the combined market value of the three companies in just a two-month period.

It is now time for all fathers, all men, all women, all parents to stand firm together in unison and declare for once and for all, “Enough is enough, this nonsense ends now!

St. Joseph, patron saint of fathers, pray for all fathers today especially those who are in most need of God’s mercy.  Amen.