Author: Elizabeth Pham

Re-Hallowing Halloween

We also ought to celebrate the spookiness. I don’t mean that we ought to even slightly engage in anything that borders on evil. Those haunted houses aged 18 and up are out of the question, as are horror movies meant to horrify, scenes of torture, occult practices, etc. But there is a playfulness to the dancing skeleton that I believe is healthy and good and Christian.

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Note to Moms — Annie is Alright

Here is a quick “mommy meter” on the film: three gratuitous swear words, and exactly one scary part (contained in the movie within a movie scene). A couple of scenes with Miss Hannigan are tacky but not completely sleazy. The little segments of hip-hop dancing are tasteful and age-appropriate. In an era of low standards, it is nice to realize that someone in the industry has some discretion.

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