Publisher’s note: This past September I had the great privilege of visiting China to help with the work of the University Foundation Education Instruction Centre. Alan Zou, its president and Phil Sheldon, vice president and son of the well-known evangelical leader Lou Sheldon, are evangelical Christians who started this ministry to provide opportunities for Chinese high school students to enter top universities in the United States. Along with Phil and Alan, who translated, I spoke to hundred of students at elite high schools all over China.

The presentations were very well, actually enthusiastically, received with many student being interested in my graduate school

Phil Sheldon greeting some high school students.

Phil Sheldon greeting some high school students.

alma mater, Emory University. Alan and Phil use those presentations to make modest, and appropriate, mention of their Christian faith. Naturally, I made a pitch, also modest, for the Catholic faith and the importance of its rich intellectual and cultural tradition.  Again, the students as well as the teachers were not mere gracious but grateful for our presence.

Knowing of the launch of The Christian Review, Alan Zou has written the following note to me, which I greatly appreciate.  I look forward to publishing the thoughts of our Christian friends from China, both Evangelical and Catholic.  In a quiet way, China is undergoing a spiritual revolution that will one day change the world.


Dear Deal,

On the occasion of Christmas Day, I, on behalf of UFEIC Bilingo-China, am writing to extend my warmest greetings to you and my congratulations on the launch of The Christian Review.  Merry Christmas!

The past year witnesses our sincere communications on International Education Program and joint efforts in bringing the best potential students to the US top universities. We will never forget your excellent speeches, charming elegant demeanor, whole-hearted emersion, friendly cooperation and the broad perspectives you’ve brought to our team in the campaigns. It is your participation and guidance without reservation that makes us feel more confident in our ability to help the students in China. Now we have built a preliminary communication channel between our students and your university, which is actually the dream of nearly all the Chinese students preparing to apply for your university.

However, the best educations always favor those elites, so it’s not surprising that the top universities are usually rigorous and critical in reviewing each student’ application. However, some students were not born with superhuman genius, or may not be smart enough; but in the eyes of the God, they are equal and each student has his own special talent. The reason why we tend to ignore their glittering points is that we teachers from Chinese traditional education system have seldom tried to discover and develop their heavenly inner world with our heart. UFEIC Bilingo-China is such an organization who feels great sense of responsibility for each student’s future success. To find the best solutions to those students’ plan of education and career, we’ve never felt reluctant to devote more time and more energy to our daily job; meanwhile, we still need your continuous support and more of your instructions on application issues.

As we all know, the way to success is full of difficulties. However, with your warm-hearted support, everything seems not so hard or too far to reach. During the days when you’re not here in China, we are missing you so much. Sincerely look forward to your visiting China again. We are expecting your bringing good news from the other side of the world. Once again, I would like to present all our blessings of a beautiful Christmas season. May happiness follow you everywhere …just like we do. Take care, let’s keep in touch, and may The Christian Review prosper and grow!

Sincerely yours,

Allen Zuo