Across the media, we are see pictures and videos of women, and some men, screaming, cursing, crying, announcing the end of democracy. I ask myself, as many do, why? The answer, I believe, is simple — Roe v. Wade had become for them the central symbol of their beliefs about the meaning and purpose of human life.

Roe v. Wade stood for the priority of personal preference and personal choice over any other claims to moral value. In other words, nothing has inherent value unless ‘I deem it so.’ Roe was the triumph of the subjective over the objective, the individual over the community, and the personal over the Sacred.

The overthrow of Roe drives a stake in the heart of living undead, those who while living promote death even to the point of killing a part of themselves to assert their power.

The screams seems as if an army of demons, long held inside, have suddenly been let loose. Yes, Roe’s overthrow has instigated a mass exorcism whose efficacy has yet to be determined. The monsters are at this moment screeching through the and digital streams across the country. Where will they land? Who will receive them? Who will refuse to bend their knee?

By a fraction of an inch, Americans support the overturning of Roe which tells us how much human decency we have lost as a nation. The deep-down goodness of Americans has been slowly removed by generations of students exposed unknowingly to the Gospel of Death, the ‘good news’ of individual sovereignty over nature and God. It’s the parents I blame for not acting when their children come home from school touting unbelief and ideological reductionism.

These parents allowed their children to return to these academic cesspools for the sake of football, basketball, social connections, prestige, and the myth they had to “grow up.” They didn’t grow up at all, they became mental and emotional cripples beaten down by their ideological Pied Pipers.

We must suffer through these generations who are desecrating all of that we have based our lives upon. This fight will last at least another half-century. But I say this to warn the parents whose children have not yet been lost to the truth, the Word of God, whose order pervades all that exists.

I say to you, stop ignoring what schools or any other social institution are doing to your children. Pay attention to the books being brought home and the assignments. Get in the face of teachers and principles if necessary. Change schools if necessary. Private schools are not the answer unless they are grounded in the Word and the traditions that go with it.

As far as college is concerned, why are you spending, or borrowing, thousand of dollars for schools that destroy the minds and hearts of your children? Yes, that is happening in most of the post-secondary colleges and universities in our country. As a student and teacher in these schools from 1967 to 1995, I witnessed the takeover of these institutions by the Desecrators. And over the past twenty-five years this takeover has become nearly complete. (There are exceptions, of course, such as Hillsdale College.).

Our faith teaches that parents are the “first teachers” of their children. Take up that responsibility before it is too late for them and for all of us.