The Christian Faith revolutionized politics. In the pagan view, “The law flows from the mouth of the king.” In the Christian view, the people matter, because all have dignity and are called to be sons and daughters of God. The voice of the people matters.

“We are restoring power to you, the American people,” our president Donald Trump says. And he does it. He refers to his campaign as “our” campaign, his victories as “our” victories.

He makes it clear that power belongs to the people. First, they have a right to be born. That’s the first power, as opposed to a government that denies that right.

Power is restored to the people when their government is honest and transparent. That’s why “Drain the Swamp” has been a key theme for President Trump and those who support him. Why wouldn’t every American want to clean corruption out of Washington? The President and his team are uncovering the corrupt deeds of those who spied on his campaign, lied about it, and have conducted a four-year attempted coup.

“We are restoring power to you, the American people.” We see this in the transparency the President insists on regarding the courts. For the first time, a presidential candidate gave us a look, in advance, at whom he would choose for the Supreme Court. Citizens feel powerless over the Supreme Court. We don’t elect the Justices, we don’t know who they will be, and there’s no appeal from their decisions.

But President Trump has brought us as close as we can be to electing the Supreme Court by saying, in both the first and second campaigns, “Look, here are the people I would choose. If you like them, vote for me; if you don’t, then don’t.”

Too bad Joe Biden can’t give us the same transparency.

President Trump, furthermore, has insisted on transparency in the economy and in healthcare. He has instituted price transparency, which becomes effective in January. He doesn’t want surprise medical billing. His administration has insisted that insurance companies tell us whether their plan covers abortion or not, so that – again – the people can have more power, more control, to make their choices in accordance not only with their financial well-being, but with their moral well-being.

“We are restoring power to you, the American people.” He has placed over 230 judges on the courts who will apply the laws as written, rather than change them based on their own views. When unelected judges respect the laws that the elected representatives of the people are responsible to write or, at the urging of the people, to change, that restores power to the American people.

Power is restored to the people, moreover, when they can start and grow their businesses without being crushed under burdensome government regulations. No president has gotten rid of more of those regulations than President Trump.

Power is restored to the people when they can worship God in freedom from government mandates that force them to violate their faith, and when they can choose the schools to which they want to send their children, without facing impossible financial obstacles in doing so. These, too, are ways that President Trump is empowering the American people.

The list goes on and on. The President has taken care of veterans through VA Accountability and VA Choice, has increased the freedom of students to speak on campus and clergy to speak in the pulpit, has given the terminally ill the right to try experimental drugs to which they did not previously have access, and has defended the conscience rights of those who refuse to participate in morally offensive practices like performing or funding abortion.

And we can go on further.

The American people are noticing all of this; they know when power has been returned to them. That is why a chant, unprecedented in American history, is now heard at the President’s campaign rallies. Along with the familiar “Four more years!” we hear “We love you!”

Of course we do. President Trump has frequently said that we, the people, are the “elite,” not the establishment, or the “experts,” or the Hollywood celebrities, or others who are most influential in a worldly sense. This is a President who does not lord it over us, as the pagan masters do. Rather, he serves us, pointing to God, not government, as the source of our security and freedom, and pointing to us, not himself, as the ones who matter.