The Democrat Party is advocating for the establishment of a tyrant state.

This is not a new concept, but it’s one every American voter must understand before they cast their ballot in this midterm election.

America was founded on the greatness of the principles that were articulated in the Declaration of Independence, and the first among these inalienable rights is the right to life. There’s a reason life is mentioned first because, without it, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not possible.

By taking away the right to life of one class of American citizens – the unborn – pro-abortion lawmakers negate every other right that Americans enjoy, including the right to education, employment, housing, healthcare, even freedom itself.

In  Evangelium Vitae, the 1995 encyclical written by St. John Paul II, the pope is very clear about the way a society changes once abortion has been made legal.

“….the original and inalienable right to life is questioned or denied on the basis of a parliamentary vote or the will of one part of the people-even if it is the majority. This is the sinister result of a relativism which reigns unopposed: the “right” ceases to be such, because it is no longer firmly founded on the inviolable dignity of the person, but is made subject to the will of the stronger part. In this way democracy, contradicting its own principles, effectively moves towards a form of totalitarianism. The State is no longer the “common home” where all can live together on the basis of principles of fundamental equality, but is transformed into a tyrant State, which arrogates to itself the right to dispose of the life of the weakest and most defenceless members, from the unborn child to the elderly, in the name of a public interest which is really nothing but the interest of one part.” (EV #20).

After Roe v. Wade imposed legalized abortion throughout pregnancy in 1973, public opinion on abortion has always been torn and ambivalent. But contrary to a mindset that, even if favoring its legality, recognizes the undesirability of abortion, we see the Democrat Party now having arrived at a very hardened pro-abortion absolutism, staunchly favoring it at any time, for any reason, and at taxpayer expense.

This is not the America envisioned by our founders, who drew their philosophy from their Christian faith. There was no source the Founding Fathers relied upon more extensively than sacred Scripture and the word of God. Drawing from that faith, the Founding Fathers believed that the first and only legitimate object of good government is the protection and preservation of life. When we legalized the taking of life through abortion, we changed the very nature of our government.

It’s clear to see where that change has led us. We are a nation perhaps more divided than we have been since the Civil War. People are being assaulted merely for being supporters of President Trump, harassed out of restaurants, silenced on campuses. The division in this election between choosing the rule of law or the rule of the mob can be traced to the tension created when we sanctioned the murder of the most defenseless among us, the unborn.

God gives us our human rights by giving us our humanity. Because nobody can take our humanity away, our human rights are “unalienable.” But to claim the right to end the life of someone in the womb is to say to that all the rights we can exercise outside the womb belong to some humans, but not to all.

Hence does the pro-abortion position undermines the basis of all human rights. They obviously no longer are based on humanity, but rather on what a political power may decide. As John Paul II’s quote above indicated, all is thereby relative. Strip away our humanity and all of our rights, all of our freedoms, all the things that made America great are gradually stripped away as well. In their place, new “rights” are invented, like the right to define our own gender; the right to a “safe space” free of any ideas we might find distasteful; the right to end the lives of the frail and the elderly because they have become unproductive and inconvenient.

The fact is that unless we are all protected, we are all in danger. Unless the right to life of the unborn is secure, the rights of all of us are in danger.

This is the work of the Democrat Party. They have rejected the ideas, ideals, and philosophy that made our nation unique in all the world and are attempting to usher in a new order where rights can be taken away on by a Court or by the political party that happens to be in power. 

The Democrats that advocate for this tyrant state do not love America. They undermine America, attacking it at its very roots, its very principles. A vote for a Democrat – in any level of government but particularly, in this election, in the House and Senate – is a vote for the disintegration of America.

No Democrat should get a single vote in this election. 

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