Editor’s note: A friend of mine enrolled her son in the 9th grade at Notre Dame Academy. She forward to me the welcome letter from its president, Ken Willers. I thought it so remarkable that I am publishing it here. All our Catholic schools should be so eloquent about their mission. Deal W. Hudson

August 19, 2021

Dear Families,

Welcome to a New Year! Rooted in Mission!

We are honored that you have chosen Notre Dame Academy as the place to nurture and develop your child(ren)’s spiritual, academic, social, artistic, athletic and moral development. We are confident you have made the right choice as we are Rooted in Mission and committed to the development of the whole child. As the image portrays, our roots grow deep to find the sources of nourishment our community needs to thrive and our branches spread wide to hold all the students, families, and staff that we serve. Although there are many roots and multiple branches the image is of One Tree…so, it is with our community…we are ONE Notre Dame Academy Rooted in Mission!

As parents, the Church teaches that you are the primary educator of your child, and we stand in great awe that you entrust your greatest gift,—your child, to those of us who have been called to serve as Catholic educators. Rooted in Mission and in partnership with the Church the main ministry or role of the Catholic educational leader is to unify the parental voices along with the educational Mission of the school. As long as we stay Rooted in our Mission, we believe that together, we will have everything we need to offer our students and your child(ren) what is needed to be academically strong, morally grounded, service orientated and spiritually faith-filled.

On a personal note, Julie and I want to thank you for holding our NDA community in prayer over the first few weeks leading up to the start of school. The burden that some within our community experienced during that time was lightened because of your prayers and support.

We must trust that our Vision will provide inspiration; our Mission will provide purpose; and our Traditions, expertise and voices will provide direction. Together, Rooted in Mission, our good-will and collaborative commitment will further the Mission of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Atlanta because it will be alive at Notre Dame Academy.

God bless you and your children!


Kenneth J. Willers