A lot of time is spent in pretending, when in reality things are the opposite. As humans we adapt to anything and everything but the only way to reach people is to be honest, not trying not to impress.

When we are in deep pain it can become “normal” to pretend, until one day the inner dike breaks and we can drown.

While there are moments in our lives when things seem to come together, it does not last, in fact, nothing lasts in this life.

If we lack someone we can be ourselves with, to allow ourselves to be seen in our depths, then we will lack a level of self awareness that can be devastating.

True friends know one another, acknowledge what is seen, and in this we learn to step outside of the self-talk and self loathing that often flows from what others tell us, or expect from us.

It’s easy to down play what I believe is the most important aspect of being truly, fully, human, that spiritual part of ourselves that seeks to relate to something larger than ourselves.

When this desire for what larger is put on others, it’s a burden too heavy to carry, since no human being can be that for another.

Our desire to be seen and understood is not sentimental, or hyper-emotional, but flows from our essential nature.

Because we are made in the image and likeness of God, it is only love that can heal our deepest selves and that can dissolve the lies we are told about ourselves from others.

More often than not, we are sinned against more than actually sinning. Pain can drive us deeper into isolation, into bitterness and self contempt.

To say yes to “Infinite Love” is not easy, it can be painful, for a great deal of fear must be faced in order to say, “yes” at ever deeper levels.

For the thing we seek the most is also what we fear, to be truly seen, known, understood and loved — more than anything we want this.

We are called to become “childlike” not “childish,” not to becoming fearful and bitter, seeking only to protect ourselves from the further pain that others can cause us.

It is a hard journey and all of us must make their own way. In the end, all is grace, the seed we allow to be planted in our heart will slowly do its work. That seed is ‘trust’.

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourselves. This is the only real way that we can become truly, fully human.