The host of firstborn sons of God were there,
When He created light, the Earth and air.
Dominions, Virtues, Powers solved their part,
Arranging galaxies without a chart.
Submissive Guardians await their turn.
From senior spirits, they have much to learn.
The noblest thoughts descend from Thrones above,
As Cherubim adore the Lord with love.
Seraphic servants sing in endless praise
Of He Whose splendor captivates their gaze.

But, Lucifer compared himself to God.
Instead of thanks, his powers he did laud.
He swept a third of Heaven to agree.
Refuting, Michael faced the enemy.
“The Lord transcends His creatures; pride deceives.
Malicious thoughts your dark mind misconceives.”
Enfeebled by their sin, they fell from grace.
The prince expelled them all without a trace.
God’s plan includes another favored race,
Predestined in due time to take their place.

“A person in My image I will make.
In My own life, the man will have a stake.
He’ll need a guardian who also guides,
An angel who throughout his life abides.”
The first assigned to Adam paired him well,
Remaining with him even when he fell.
The same was true for Eve and all her clan:
The proper angel suited to each man.
There is no grief when one is lost, like Cain.
Angelic peace endures through mortal bane.

Protecting Prophets took keen vigilance,
For demons tempt with ceaseless diligence.
Yet, angels have appeared to blessed saints
In answer to their prayers or complaints.
Saint Frances safely walked through streets at night,
Led by her angel with his lamp alight.
Their angels to Saint Pio people send.
Saint Gemma’s was her ever present friend.
Some brought Communion to their holy ones,
Or brought on pilgrimmage their priests and nuns.

When I was young, I seldom thought of mine,
But in old age to him I oft incline.
Lest I forget his memory supplies.
At certain times, he opens drowsy eyes.
From mundane tasks to counsel most profound,
His skills in matters small and great astound.
I know I’ve been more trouble than a friend.
May God bless him upon whom I depend
To get through days and years until the end,
That unto God and him I will ascend.