From Carol Burnett to Kathy Griffin

From Shirley Temple to Miley Cyrus,

From John Wayne to Leonardo DiCaprio,

From Gregory Peck to George Clooney,

From Audrey Hepburn to Rose McGowan,

From glamour to goth,

From Cecil B. DeMille to Michael Moore,

From Walter Cronkite to Jim Acosta,

From Johnny Carson to Jimmy Kimmel,

From Dick Clark to Howard Stern,

From the Smothers Brothers to the Kardashian sisters,

From gentility to feminism,

From Paul McCartney to Justin Bieber,

From J. R. R. Tolkien to J. K. Rowling,

From Martin Luther King to Barak Hussein Obama,

From Harry Truman to Nancy Pelosi,

From Nelson Rockefeller to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,

From Albert Einstein to Al Gore,

From the jitterbug to twerking,

From mink coat to public underwear,

From fedora to doo rag,

From cloche hat to pussy hat,

From Terry Bradshaw to Colin Kaepernick,

From Ted Williams to Manny Machado,

From pugilism to mixed martial arts,

From mashed potatoes to quinoa,

From flat-iron steak to fried tofu,

From book to the tablet,

From Monopoly to Grand Theft Auto,

From the world to cell phones,

From the Red Cross to Planned Parenthood,

From patriotism to globalism,

From priest to psychologist,

From family to pets,

From prayer to yoga,

From Sunday worship to walking the dog.