Author: Sean Garvey

Brawling On Facebook

And my desire to be thought of a certain way? That’s just pure pride, and oftentimes it forces me to abandon the truth I am so attached to in order to save face, to win the battle of perception in the eyes of onlookers. When I indulge in that pursuit, I probably do more disservice to the truth than if I had just stayed quiet.

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Why God is a Libertarian

As much as God desires for us to choose the good, as much as He thirsts for us to choose Him, He never violates our free will. He can’t. He cajoles, suggests, sends us grace, makes His plan for us as obvious as possible in all of creation, but He never forces us to choose the good, or prevents us from choosing poorly. Nor does He protect us from the consequences of our decisions. That’s a pretty libertarian stance, No?

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