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The Way Home Is Narrow But His Heart Is Large

Five times I worked for managers who put one obstacle after another in my way with the desire and hope, it seemed to me, that I would fail in my work and they could then let me go. All were church-going Christians. Two were Catholic. Anger and rancor slowly seeped into my heart. By my mid-twenties they had taken hold of my life and I left the Church.

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Facing Demons: Eminem & Rihanna’s 2015 Challenge

I would suggest approaching Eminem’s “post-addiction” work as a cautionary tale. So far, he has not proven to be a person to emulate. As for Rihanna fans, I would suggest a good dose of prayer. She seems oblivious to the free-fall she’s on… Rihanna and Eminem will probably continue to win awards and make big bucks. But if they ever want to be truly successful, they will need to “unfriend” the Monster.

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