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How Obama and Clinton Coopted Catholics — the So-Called “Catholic Spring”

What we have learned from WikiLeaks is that in its efforts to interfere with the Church in the United States and Church teaching the Clinton campaign bears a closer resemblance to the Russians and the Communist Manifesto than to our founding fathers and the Constitution. Where is the outrage?

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Orlando’s Lesson: No More Playing Games—It’s Time for War

Obama’s press conferences in response to this year’s string of terrorist attacks—Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, and even the first press conference after Orlando—were all marked by a laconic or, perhaps more accurately, lackadaisical demeanor, suggesting that the twentieth century’s greatest orator really wanted to be miles away—at a Cuban baseball game, tangoing in Argentina, smoking Camels behind the barn, anywhere but where he was.

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Audacity Defined as “Rude Confidence”

That said, the general idea of the “audacity of hope” was that in an age —pre-2008, you understand — of desperate cynicism, we needed a gargantuan dose of optimism, even chutzpah, to find the silver lining around the darkest of modern clouds, chiefly those hovering above the United States. The only man with the requisite skills for the task was Mr. Audacity-of-Hope-and-Change himself.

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