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Let’s Stop Sneering at the “Christmas and Easter Catholics”

I’m actually someone who misses all those Christmas-and-Easter Catholics on the 50 other Sundays. Their spots in the pews are lonely when vacant. No matter what the ages are of those people who could fill those places, we miss them in our worship. We miss their voices and prayers, their spirit and their needs.

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Washing Women’s Feet or Who’s In Charge of the Catholic Church?

The internet is a hotbed of cynics, nay-sayers, pessimists, conspiracy theorists and just plain angry people. From the moment Pope Francis wakes up, those folks loudly criticize his every move and word. Sometimes, they might have valid points. It’s difficult to tell, though, because of the substantial disrespect dripping from every sentence they compose. I found a bunch of them on Facebook.

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Suffer From Depression? Pray For An Angel

If you are someone suffering from depression, ask God for an angel who can supply sustenance and encouragement. If you have a friend or family member with the illness, consider that you could be that angel for that person in their life. Give them the bread of prayer, the water of kindness and understanding, the encouragement of unconditional love.

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