Tag: Happiness

Where Does This Path Really Lead?

The more I studied all the activity of my life, internal and external, the more I wondered “to what end?” Is the intention to make more money than I do now? To write a best-selling book? To make more friends? To have no regrets? Or is it something much bigger and less measurable: to make the world a better place, to realize true happiness?

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The Search for True Happiness, Revisited

I concluded that happiness is passion of a certain kind but not the kind of passion immediately identified with romantic love or lust. Happiness is passion in the way a sudden religious conversion can change a person’s life. Suddenly you know something that changes everything, that your entire life must be directed by.

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A Parable About Beauty

“Beauty, indeed, does come through the eyes, and it is beheld by the senses, that is true,” said the priest. “But it’s not subjective, no more subjective than truth or goodness, which come from God through his creation. Beauty, too, was part of His creation, because God Himself is perfect Beauty.”

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