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The Way Home Is Narrow But His Heart Is Large

Five times I worked for managers who put one obstacle after another in my way with the desire and hope, it seemed to me, that I would fail in my work and they could then let me go. All were church-going Christians. Two were Catholic. Anger and rancor slowly seeped into my heart. By my mid-twenties they had taken hold of my life and I left the Church.

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God is Faithful to Marriage

A real marriage between a man and a woman is a binding sacramental covenant whereby the two give totally of themselves to each other. Whatever a husband is or has, he gives to his wife, and she to him. Nothing is held back, nothing preserved for the self. That’s the kind of charitable love at the foundation of Holy Matrimony.

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Balanced On the Edge, Ready to Fall?

Is it too late? Spiritually speaking, never. Culturally speaking, maybe. A vacuum has been created by the rejection of external and universal truth. It has not been filled adequately by subjective truth, and moral relativism has not only failed to stem the growth of the black hole that the next generation is being pulled into, it has grown it and deepened its pull.

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