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St. Gregory — the Poet as Catechist

In his book Gregory of Nazianzus, Brian Daley notes that Gregory was one of the first Christian public intellectuals and that he has been regarded since his time as one of the masters of classical literature. A rediscovery of the work of St. Gregory by Catholics and Christians, therefore, can help to break through the wall of secular misinformation.

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10 Ways Catholics Can Elect the Next President

One of the hardest lessons to learn, and accept, is that Catholics in politics will play dirty. . . . they will lie about the faith, misrepresent its teaching, ignore its non-negotiable moral principles . . . and will proclaim “Church teaching!” for policies that have no authoritative standing in the “sacred deposit of faith.”

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Evangelizing Through the Culture — A Manifesto

How to describe something that is all around you, influencing you during every waking hour, perhaps while sleeping as well. Culture is like that, like the air you breath but completely unaware, unless you are choking. That’s precisely why I am raising the issue of culture directly, because to a great degree it is choking us, doing us harm without our knowing it.

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