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Re-Hallowing Halloween By Elizabeth Hanna Pham

We also ought to celebrate the spookiness. I don’t mean that we ought to even slightly engage in anything that borders on evil. Those haunted houses aged 18 and up are out of the question, as are horror movies meant to horrify, scenes of torture, occult practices, etc. But there is a playfulness to the dancing skeleton that I believe is healthy and good and Christian.

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Three Popes Inhabit The Lord of the Rings

Sometimes you wonder if Pope Francis really understands what he is getting himself into. Well, I would bet there’s a good chance he often doesn’t — and perhaps we don’t want him to. Perhaps it is his impulsivity, his hobbitness, which allows him to reach out into Mordor, into the deepest and darkest of places — to the people who aren’t initially interested in the Beauty or the Truth.

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Needing Some Clarity About Sexual Sin

In the end, we can have all the homilies and articles and pamphlets explaining the benefits of chastity, but we are failing the flock if we don’t have better explanations regarding the process of reconciliation and returning to chastity. People need to know the uncomfortable details. They need to be told, “if you commit a sexual sin, here’s how you confess it.”

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