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Why Cursive Writing Is Disappearing from Our Classrooms

I can also testify to the fact that for years, scores of students have been washing up on the shores of higher education without these skills, let alone with any knowledge of grammar or of the writing process itself, and hence unable upon arrival, they are unable to construct a coherent paragraph, let alone a basic five-paragraph essay.

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10 Ways Catholics Can Elect the Next President

One of the hardest lessons to learn, and accept, is that Catholics in politics will play dirty. . . . they will lie about the faith, misrepresent its teaching, ignore its non-negotiable moral principles . . . and will proclaim “Church teaching!” for policies that have no authoritative standing in the “sacred deposit of faith.”

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A Letter from China

Knowing of the launch of The Christian Review, Alan Zou has written the following note to me, which I greatly appreciate. I look forward to publishing the thoughts of our Christian friends from China, both Evangelical and Catholic. In a quiet way, China is undergoing a spiritual revolution that will one day change the world.

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