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A New Look at Rasputin and a Nation Gone Mad

It took three bullets to kill him: a bullet into his left chest, one into his back, and the third into his forehead. The killers then threw his body off a bridge and into the icy water of the Neva River below. The doctor who performed the autopsy said his body had suffered a number of wounds from the fall. His head, nose, eyes were severely damaged, and one of his ears was nearly torn off. This only added to the legend of Rasputin.

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The Russian Aristocracy Who Stayed Behind

You would expect people who had eaten only the best of European cuisine, and slept in beds where the finest linens were changed every day, would be bitter when reduced to eating nothing but potatoes and sleeping on vermin infested straw. But, for the most part they were not. They were not perfect human beings to be sure. Still, they met their fates with courage, pluck, generosity, patience, and, most importantly, faith.

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