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Why I Cringe When Pope Francis Gets On An Airplane

My interpretation of the Pope’s remarks are this: Pope Francis thinks that the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, it’s “intrinsically disordered,” and homosexual act, they’re always “sinful,” have created in the minds and heart of Christians a prejudicial disdain toward homosexuals, lesbians, etc. In other words, Christians have not been able to love them authentically because Church teaching, as well as much Christian, has labelled them and their sexuality as unnatural and morally wrong.

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The Inevitability of “Fifty Shades”

It’s years of Sex in the City that led women to Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s the natural progression of the subject matter. We have to recognize it and protest sooner. I’m not saying we become prudes. I’m not saying we can’t watch any movies that portray sexual sin. Sin can be portrayed in an artistic or even irrelevant way that is not pornographic.

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Natural Health and the Return to Eden

I have struggled with various chronic health issues for many years. I’ve tried all sorts of lifestyle changes and dietary changes and natural healing methods– many of them rather extreme and difficult– and while I’ve seen improvement in some areas, some of my issues continue despite anything I do. Like a tornado, some things of nature destroy everything in their path. Sometimes we are powerless.

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