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Why Review Kids’ Books?

Beyond secular books, there is a growing number of Christian publishers. Here, too, there is variety both content and quality. Does the quality of writing do justice to the noble subjects? Are the illustrations respectful? Is the theology fuzzy?

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Beatrix Potter’s Ode to Jeremy Fisher

I wish there were more writers today like Beatrix Potter. But there will never be another writer/illustrator such as this esteemed British lady. So, let us endeavor to appreciate the legacy she has left to us, and share with our children and grand-children the remarkable gift she gave to children’s literature.

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Facing Demons: Eminem & Rihanna’s 2015 Challenge

I would suggest approaching Eminem’s “post-addiction” work as a cautionary tale. So far, he has not proven to be a person to emulate. As for Rihanna fans, I would suggest a good dose of prayer. She seems oblivious to the free-fall she’s on… Rihanna and Eminem will probably continue to win awards and make big bucks. But if they ever want to be truly successful, they will need to “unfriend” the Monster.

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Susan Boyle’s Christmas Waltz

If you still have time for one more dance this Christmas, try The Christmas Waltz, commissioned by Frank Sinatra in 1957. Susan Boyle’s producers approached the song with perfect restraint. Susan Boyle is right in her element.

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Note to Moms — Annie is Alright

Here is a quick “mommy meter” on the film: three gratuitous swear words, and exactly one scary part (contained in the movie within a movie scene). A couple of scenes with Miss Hannigan are tacky but not completely sleazy. The little segments of hip-hop dancing are tasteful and age-appropriate. In an era of low standards, it is nice to realize that someone in the industry has some discretion.

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DePaola Delivers Christmas Treasure

There are no visible halos in DePaola’s work, but there is something decidedly reverent about the way he depicts Mary, St. Joseph, and the Christ Child. His images are uncrowded and easy to understand. The bold colors and simple lines have a unique appeal to young children. Older children can appreciate the classical, respectful visages of the holy people depicted.

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