I often wonder about the future, even though I know it is a fool’s errand to do so. We seem to be in ‘free fall,’ and the bottom is probably some way off, but one day we will come to some form of landing. It could be a crash landing, or perhaps things will crack but heal and maybe, and perhaps we can learn from what we are going through at this time.  I have my doubts, but there is always hope.

Life is both funny and tragic. Both sometimes so mixed together that the only way to deal with it is to both laugh and cry.  That is where our use of humor comes in.  We can laugh about anything if it is presented in a format that is a little removed from each of our lives, but close enough that we can also identify.  For who knows what will happen to any of us in the future.

However, hope without charity and faith is empty, hollow and creates a very large void that everything can fall into. Without faith of some sort, there is no real place for the soul, the living center of each human being to stand and to be able to process what goes on in daily life.  Without charity, it is every man and woman for themselves, and when things get rough, when “the center does not hold.”

When the seams of society give way, if we do not have a place to ponder and some faith and hope and charity, then there is only the raw fight for personal survival, which in the end we all lose in any case.

Of course, the shooting in Las Vegas is not something anyone can find humor in.  If someone does, it would be best for them to keep it to themselves. Each life has its share of both painful and joyful moments, but there are times when the level of pain becomes so great it can’t be let in at all.  True there is a lot of press, but it has little to do with real compassion.

When we see something on the screen, even if we do not want to admit it, takes on a form of entertainment when watching.  So watching a tragic event can go along well with pizza or popcorn and a beer or a soft drink.  It is how we deal with the often overwhelming pain that is around us.  Having so much technology that makes everything almost instant as it happens, can lead to depression that numbs the anger, fear, and sorrow that is often repressed below our conscious awareness.

I do have faith and hope, and I pray for charity, every day.  A good foundation can help one stand when the ground seems to be shaking and things falling down all around.  It is now, at this time, where we need to seek to grow in charity for those who are different than us.  Perhaps to pray for the grace of understanding and insight into those around us, so that we will see them as another self, or if a Christian, as Christ Jesus himself appealing to us to listen, to help and to heal if possible.

There is a great deal of give-and-take on the Internet, about just about everything, but it does not seem there is very much listening.  Many want to be heard, but turn a deaf ear to those who disagree with them.  The only glue that can keep us together is love and charity of the most radical kind, the kind of love asked of us by Jesus Christ if a Christian.

Yet all Scriptural paths seek to get its followers to find another way, one that is not based on the will to power, or hatred and violence.  Though when religion and spirituality go bad, it is most likely the most dangerous energy in the world — if we think God is on our side, we can pretty much do whatever we want.  Who cares if it goes against the central core of one’s religion.  Hatred and fear make us pretty stupid and shortsighted.