Many single women wake up on Valentines Day (or Valentines Day weekend) dreading the Hallmark holiday because, well, they haven’t found THE one — or anyone — to spend this wonderful season of winter happiness with.

Perhaps their “fall boyfriend” is gone or they are taking a break from dating. Whatever the reason, it happens to the best of us.

Maybe this Valentines Day we, as single women, should think of the romantic holiday in a different light. Maybe instead of being the one to receive roses, you are the rose that God is sending to someone else.

English poet and politician, Edmund Waller (1606-1687).

English poet and politician, Edmund Waller (1606-1687).

I recently found a great song, performed by Scythian, based on an old poem called “Go Lovely Rose” by Edmund Waller. While it is very Cavalier in that it employs the philosophy of “enjoy love while you’re young, because beauty fades with age,” I think part of it’s message relevant for today.

The main refrain is: “Go, lovely Rose, Tell her that wastes her time/ and me/ That now she knows,/  When I resemble her to thee,/ How sweet and fair she seems to be.

Every Christian is called to be the light of Christ to the world and women have a unique calling within that to use our gifts and feminine “genius” to humanize through our beauty and deep capacity to love.

As Pope Saint John Paul II noted:

“In light of Mary, the Church sees in the face of women the reflection of beauty which mirrors the loftiest sentiments of which the human heart is capable: the self offering totality of love; the strength that is capable of baring great sorrows; limited fidelity and tireless devotion to work; the ability to combine penetrating intuition with words of support and encouragement. . . .”

Women this Valentines Day may not have a date, but they have the ability to bring God’s love and beauty into the world through their very being. And being that gift of God to the world is a special vocation all women share.

So, go lovely rose — whether you have a Valentine or not–and be God’s Valentine this year.