I don’t actually have a PayPal account. And I now generally avoid using companies that process payments through PayPal.

I know the company is a Wall Street favorite and it seems to be everywhere today. But it’s a company I have found to be dishonest.

Today, I feel more certain about my assessment.

I began to feel this way when I used a company’s alternative method of payment to purchase some goods on its site and received an e-mail from PayPal about my account.

I could use my credit card instead of PayPal or signing up for a PayPal account on the company’s site, I learned, but the payments still were processed by PayPal. This meant that while I didn’t sign up for an account, the company still had my transaction information on file.

This, I was told by a company representative, didn’t actually mean that I had an account or that they really had my information on file.

If this were true, I wondered, why could the representative look up my information and why did I receive a letter from PayPal about my account?

So, ostensibly, for all practical purposes I had a PayPal account, even though I had not signed up for one.

The representative denied this, but could not truly explain why I had received a letter about my account, so I personally have dumped PayPal.

And I encourage you to do the same, but for an even better reason.

PayPal says it will not expand into my state of North Carolina and my town of Charlotte because our courageous Governor Pat McCrory (although he did not stand firm in the past) and our legislature overturned a law that was forced into effect by Charlotte’s cowardly mayor and city officials.

What the political left cannot get through the ballot box it attempts to gain through force and deception.

Good riddance to PayPal, I say.

Charlotte’s law would have allowed transgender persons to use a bathroom of choice. Opponents rightfully do not wish to have children exposed or to be exposed to transgender persons in a bathroom – or, in actuality, a man in a woman’s bathroom or a woman in a man’s.

PayPal’s pals are homosexuals and lesbians and all the others confused about who they are in actuality. PayPal doesn’t care about Christians who truly live the Christian life, religious liberty, or children for that matter.

PayPal rejects Christian values and is anti-Christian. PayPal’s deepest values are those of the homosexual agenda. Just as our nation is confused, and this confusion is exhibited through the actions of those who advance and support homosexuality, PayPal’s leaders are confused.

Oh, in defending its decision, PayPal has come up with a pithy statement about liberty and freedom and rights – the lies companies like PayPal always tell through public relations (forgive me, media relations) in moments such as this.

And it is defended as being an inclusive company.

But PayPal’s actions show that the company clearly does not care about your rights as Christians or my rights as a Christian or the rights of a people of a state and the protection of religious liberty under the Constitution or for our Constitution.

PayPal in fact is exclusive since it excludes you and me as Christians who live our faith.

PayPal is not alone in this. During the past eight years, the political left (also known as the Democratic Party and Obama Administration) boldly has forced our nation to bow before the god of homosexuality.

I painfully confess that I once held PayPal’s values (and the Democratic Party’s), was just as confused, and would have sided with the company. But Christian faith woke me up to the truth.

Now I wonder how many professionals and leaders at PayPal and companies like PayPal call themselves Christian while betraying true Christian values. When will they wake up?

Thank God for governors like Pat McCrory and legislatures like North Carolina’s for standing up against weak-minded Charlotte politicians and their abuse of power.

Thank God for governors like Phil Bryant of Mississippi and legislators who work to protect religious liberty. Thank God for business owners like Jim and Beth Walder of Illinois who stand up for religious liberty at personal cost.

If you have a PayPal account as a customer, dump it. Better, if you are a Christian company and use PayPal for processing, dump the company and find a different one – regardless of the difficulty this will cause you.

Stand up against PayPal’s unfairness to Christians — its anti-Christian stance — and dump the company.

And while you’re at it, stop drinking and buying Starbucks coffee and dump the National Football League and the National Basketball Association and every other company and organization that attempts to deny religious liberty and to force states, cities, and you as a Christian to accept as truth the lies of the political left and the homosexual agenda.

These are battles you can win. You do not have to use PayPal in many cases. You do not have to drink Starbucks coffee. You do not have to watch or attend NFL or NBA games. You do not have to belong to the Democratic Party or vote for its candidates. Stop supporting them.

Given how things are today, you will be forced in some instances to choose the lesser evil. Eventually, though, some companies and organizations and professionals will take note and will follow your example.

In the mean time you will be attacked and vilified for telling the truth; but a Christian cannot expect less.