Author: Peter LaFave

How Would Truman Have Responded to Meryl Streep?

Say what you might about Donald Trump’s response to Meryl Streep, such a personal rebuke from the highest office is not entirely unprecedented in the catalogue of presidential history. Take the time Harry Truman threatened to pulverize a Washington Post reporter over a negative review of his daughter’s Mozart recital.

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Before & After: 13 Beautiful Sanctuary Renovations Worth Celebrating

Fortunately, recent years have brought a renaissance in sacred architecture, with architects such as Duncan Stroik and James McCrery designing a collection of beautifully-designed, traditional churches. That trend is also manifest in the growing number of traditional renovations recently, a number of which can be seen below.

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When Mary Returned to Egypt: The Apparitions at Zeitoun

Egypt’s state-run General Information and Complaints Department issued the following statement: “The official investigations have been carried out with the result that it has been considered an undeniable fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing on Zeitoun Church in a clear and luminous body seen by all present in front of the church, whether Christian or Moslem.”

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