Author: Brother Mark Dohle

The Priest Who Looked Like Gandalf

Edmund loved his life before he became ill, and he continued to love it after, even when things got rough for him. He did have his bad days, but his good ones far outnumbered them. When he died, it was like a ripe piece of fruit gently falling from a tree. His was a life well lived and he was greatly loved and I still miss him.

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Accosted In the Name of Truth

It’s easy to forget that to follow Christ we must try to see others in such a way that does not harm them. Without intending to, and with the best of intentions, our opinions of others can plant seeds of destruction, or add water to a bad seed that has already taken deep root. We simply cannot see the fragility of others through the lens of our own fear.

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The Problem of Pain Revisited

We are united with others not by attempting to control them with threats or accusations of shame, but rather in loving others as we have learned to love ourselves. Grace, as we are taught, works through nature, though our lives, though everything. We are always invited to die to self, to find new and freer ways in dealing with life.

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